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fall arresting device means a part of a worker’s personal protective equipment that stops the worker’s fall and does not allow the worker to fall farther; fall protection system means (a) a personal fall arrest system, (b) a travel restraint system, (c) fabric or netting panels intended for leading edge protection, (d) a safety net, (e) a control zone, (f) use of procedures in place of fall protection equipment, or (g) another system approved by a Director of Inspection.

fall restrict equipment means a component of a fall restrict system that, when combined with other subcomponents and elements, allows the climber of a wood pole to remain at his or her work position with both hands free, and that performs a limited fall arrest function when the climber loses contact between his or her spurs and the pole; fall restrict system means a combination of a work positioning system and fall restrict equipment; fiber means a particulate material with
a) A diameter equal to or less than 3 micrometers,

b) A length equal to or greater than 5 micrometers, and

c) a length to diameter ratio equal to or greater than 3 to 1; first aid means the immediate and temporary care given to an injured or ill person at a work site using available equipment, supplies, facilities or services, including treatment to sustain life, to prevent a condition from becoming worse or to promote recovery; first aider means an emergency first aider, standard first aider or advanced first aider designated by an employer to provide first aid to workers at a work site.
Fixed ladder means a ladder that is permanently fixed to a supporting structure in a vertical position or at an angle of not more than 15 degrees from vertical and that does not lean back; flammable liquid means a liquid with 

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