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Kathmandu. News Feature seen both pictures are hot onscreen Laxmi Rana Magar. Health sarirahumda many movies, songs and stage dekhain dance. Parakhiharule dance their dance, lots of fun things. But today, he forced her to live in both kidneys after failing unattended. See some desya. He is now a scene garairaheko treatment at Bir Hospital beds are taken. During puberty dance while heaping more visible is taken. Not much time. Over the five years it has been such a personality now.

With many of treatment nakatepachi avibahita age as she sat not only help someone to not care. Sekhapachi parents are right brother MM bahini though uniharupani treatment are fed. So she now are unattended piece. He was given some time ago Deepshikha phaundesanala shelter from kehipahila sanskrrtika Association of Nepal, but Nepal's initiative, but the union was taking shelter in the house of the center Kalanki. He asked the Bir Hospital have recently. Laxmi Pun jutairaheko Junu social assistance for treatment for her.

Over the past 10 years in both treatment for renal nagarepachi long Laxmi know that by getting the goods and support different stages but the association was given shelter. Laxmi treatment alone made life not only to eat, or even over to no one. Every moment over the condition of her.

Some time computer, the dance could metaphor found and discussed Laxmi Rana promise remember, acting hero, one evening, "including many telisrrnkhalama his Acting all the hearts successful, yet the heroine Rana suffer from banepachi treatment is the amount sakkaera now tend to saranama fall has occurred. He rented a small room in the house came a yasaaghi Dashrath, but fails to pay the rent due, the Laxmi rittieki treatment room ¥ chodnupa it. A life lived in the time of independence it has the same illness, Laxmi and others now live help and support is more just pidadayi. So he would also prefer not to talk that much with anyone but the most die bahulauna called free man dressed up as long as nature is the hope. He is also the hope. The amount of change needed is for him now is to live Bhola morning velukako for food, medicine and essential materials required for support.

Hot Club pancama harsh industrial Birgunj Travel Art Club, started by Associated Rana capital reached its peak puraunubhayo the journey. He and India, Japan, Switzerland, Spain and more countries have presented their art. All the money earned by the art of the country Rana eight years out of treatment. According to the young mother died and his father, also there is no single laksmisamga care. Until now, some personal and institutional support as it came to pass in the morning stating yapta Q ¥ velukako food and medicine for the medicine to digest hopeless caloric expenditure, he said, help them grow, he said. Unable to be treated due to the economic crisis, we hear many lose their lives. Nepalese foreign aid reject the lives have already been saved. But shall have the right to live in a healthy man to pass through when economic deprivation and lack of support kattile lose their lives if kattile are forced to spend my life on the streets newborn. Which is useful for example, have become Laxmi Rana. In spite of the stability of vitality in art with rogakai also due to the struggle for treatment or even admit that fact is soliciting doing.

I look at old photos of him can not recognize him. A shortage of the finest artists are put to death today in the medical situation will be forced to get everyone's attention is needed to go. The amount of access to millions of persons are receiving treatment in the name of the state coffers Vela someone how such a miserable health and fundamental rights of equal access is Rs at each citizen shall have the right to live healthy and health to be regained bhaniepani same applies to the lack of a common practice is bound to have suffered. It is necessary to draw the attention of the concerned bodies.

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