Gorkhaland movement and reality

Nepal, Sikkim or Darjeeling Nepali disliked land, the first thing that is an illusion. Sikkim British colonies was a separate state within India, the other is seven hundred and thousands of large and small rajautajastai. Heat apparently to isolated human bladder unusable Darjeeling love Mark sentences, including cogyalale own signature directly associated British company directly Forever letter to the micro film I US in the well to the library watched was 1 9 82 Wherefore, pachi Nepalese workers by bringing in Darjeeling are Darjeeling, Kurseong used as a game that kept him true Yes.

Integration of large offshore Tista we reached the battle is also true. The only rule that we have some time later had to leave the British officers to. Britisale new indiya (Hindustan) to .he Sikkim The land directly back to the day when you could vritisale But why did the Sikkim remained and equity, despite losing the sikkimalai the Hindustan (India) that was to become the foundation of the sikkimako history has demonstrated that it is verified .

Subsequently, the students of the state Division of Darjeeling to RGI gabhyo Bengal. This is the latest true. Kumaon and Garhwal another land was taken hamle winning British officers later took our won and intact. We were given back from the defeat took hamlainai Garhwal Garhwal kumaule back as a handout or sikkima which remained silent tombs of some of the state transition from the state was too great, and the whole phenomenon, Nepal was also silent. But it is also true that had the judges Kumaon Garhwal.

Then the Indian independence movement for some time before we reached the Tista Garhwal kumau satalajasamma truth was far too small and old, and also to spread the illusion that the whole truth is the truth tyabi little song as sung badalinna the truth.

Bengali different than the Bengali society and the state in the past, but at the later of the Indian state of Sikkim as a country because there gabhieko history of the people's constitutional right to ask for a separate state. As Jharkhand, uttarancala, telanganaka public prints were doing in fighting for a separate state. Gorkhaland wish that one day is to find. However, neither the Kingdom of Nepal is not different now tesabela it will make any difference parighatanale. The Indian conspicuous by their internal matter and will always remain private.

So darjilina the public are extremely personal constitutional struggle. There is the movement of Nepalese citizens or government intrusion in the day and after that he is a separatist movement asambaidhanika and alagababada and that India will not take it. And for Gorkhaland movement is very dangerous.

The water began to sink like the ones saying not put the fish pulled slant.

West Bengal's Darjeeling hill region Queen government prakrtiki chuttina context, and does not want to imagine what would be different. Nepal pretext for international intervention to push Bengali Gorkhaland to make bidesi agenda Hence blank guilt swept nabanaum Gorkhaland weaken. Moral support ourselves. Greater Nepal Nepal Darjeeling small fireplace as gumdaicha all races and regions due to poison pilaieko.

Darjilina to insist that this is the case against the wall. And be successful in the struggle darjilina that he will be extremely personal success. Samskrtika connected with Nepal and Darjeeling • bhasika saino except as India is that the thrust of all.

Rajendra Thapa
Songwriter, sahityakara
The former General (NA)
(Courtesy from The status has been there to Facebook)

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