Gorkha Land

Gorkha land to be free from slavery Bengali extremely indian gorkha campaign limits. 1907 AD I magabatasuru british context, Gorkhaland to be aandolana. Overseas Nepalese King Mahendra, when political isolation with the support by the political parties against Nehru difference is the difference between the Nepalese like lyrics by propoganda would say come to Nepal to meet. Tesapachi Surya Bikram Gyawali, lainasina vadadela, Amber Gurung, Gopal Yonjon etc., coming later in Darjeeling Nepali s own sense of Nepali citizens to be wrong. The more uncommon gayakaharule uttajana spreading naulakhe star, gold is gold, not bhulelo The treaty used to spread confusion debut nepalamadarjilina subject.

For this is about twenty Darjeeling. The Gurkhas of Nepal, the Indian diaspora inherent confusion by spreading it is compatible Nepal stopped the move, saying the Gorkhaland day indirale rokekichin driven. Do not know that existed sujhnu uttejakaharu Gorkhaland support network to rajadutavalama inevitable by saying Gorkhaland to be defended by medi- cooperation are helping to deprive. There is a crocodile on Facebook insulting the Gurkha warriors aamsu bloody struggle biranganaharuko not terminate the work. Last hapata driven bhanisaki that Nepal does goerkhalyanda with Dina. It looked bhidiao knew their pain rahanos silent. There is displaced by giving citizenship to anticipate? If it is given citizenship without ever saying why Bhutan Nepal displaced to refugee said bhutani? It is still in a refugee camp called Why put? Isvarasanaga keeping silent prayer to a lot of Gorkhaland. It looked narisaunus bhidiao.

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