New Teej Item Song 2074 Lahure Maya -Sirjana Khatri

The locals come to prominence teaches haudemaya Khatri chanted "haudemaya" on the occasion of the Fee in her new red-song video public. "Lauremaya 'sang the song and the words and music of the srrjanakai.

The fusion of modern style and lokapapa srrjanale song seems, there are. Fee rap songs are presented, including the new use of a song that she will srrjanale .We also tried to save the rent and have told tijako conventional doors.

The video of this song, directed by KC revolution has become attractive. Pustale amid new way to celebrate the start because of the different things has created its own unique flavor made the fatal song.

Acknowledging that women-only gala aieko haritalika said tijaka s song about men and women to make prints of the author has been doing in the present situation creation subsidies to sing the song in progress if he himself wrote the song rhythm doors and the doors on their own juraeki. Can not they sing the song himself writing female prints tijaka the limits of criticism for that song Khatri said for learning the answer is given.

Fee occasion to enjoy the party, discos soldiers who can be the best medium for this song
Arjun Tiwari, cinematography, editing the video revolution KC Lai has made great Colorful. Binu Thapa, acting in the video there are durgesh Khadka and choir have sexed arajele Mr. Khatri has created.

स्वतन्त्र सुचना, समाचार र विचार हाम्रो प्रथामिकता

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