भाउजुको हाईहाई, बद्रि पंगेनीको तीज गीत

July-18-Kathmandu, The last time singing songs made by famous singer Badri Pangeni is distributed for new festival Teej. The Hindu festival of all women called their festival male artists dominated the charges when the singer pangenile also Haritalika lagiraheko voice verses have started the day.

He sang devotional songs sung by beloved bhandarisanga is unfortunate there are Bhauju ko haihai. Sitara Music Pvt word combinations in the market. the song is written by famous lyricist EkNarayan Bhandari. Vaca ratyauli the song, including music videos have been made public.

Haritalika few verses later Haritalika singing voice to be given pangenile long. He's been traveling a voice sang the song had become very popular. Sindhu Malla and Nepal Badri Pangeni loud music market was the song. The last time the author of folk song verses and preventing all Haritalika through devotional songs during the spooks also come as the market.

स्वतन्त्र सुचना, समाचार र विचार हाम्रो प्रथामिकता-Jamarko

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