गायीका हरुसंग सम्बन्ध सुमधुर छ तर कसैको नाम लिन चाहदैनन् पशुपती

स्वतन्त्र सुचना, समाचार र विचार हाम्रो प्रथामिकता - Jamarko !

July 18, 2074- month peak days leading to the city Fee. The market is angered. All and jewelery shops is a crowd. Party-pyalesaharu are filled. Some free time and a good economic status of women are asking Fee Rate and dance program. Nepali television channels are covered jhapakkai Haritalika songs and dancing. Afterward, all the walls of social networks / lehenga and equipped with all sorts of ornaments are full of females, tasbivaraharule. Quote liberal image in the sisters' home. Over the past few years Fee-pyalesaharuma Merknera context, the party is thicker and comes on the market 'visual' look, especially in the lyrics bhavabhangima Hindu cultural festival conceived post-modern world can be considered red-strip. The modern red-maiden of the past and is not limited to the courts by the party pyalesaharu becoming indispensable for the program. Only the rate of mother cooking Modnath satisfaction refused, varied pakvannasatha wine, whiskey, etc. were also signed in the rate. The red-and its various -Dimension changing sociological debate has begun to draw attention. Sociologists and even Haritalika jhumdai ramdai and dance routine sociological theory of the post-modern woman would agree to look for plus.

The roots of our tradition and culture in itself may not have been connected to the same. Fee exists regarding the interpretation of the same. But, now, with regard to the interpretation of Fee 'husband for a long time to get up fast, or good living' as saying that the debate will become either through tears. Changing values and culture of our time and to cause the samajasamgai. In the past, the basis of the common Nepali family economy was agriculture and animal husbandry. A little busy farming season to be certain they are in work, livestock show the acts of said different things and more have to be collective role in such work daughters. Similarly, the development of transportation had not yet come to return to that state of Maiti dwelt so it would not be possible. For a few days nikalnaipathryo busy. This time, a few times a year muskilaile maitisamga said the meeting itself was a pleasant chance to witness the daily lives complaints. So, there were complaints Haritalika song and maitisamgako host the meeting were covered.

Time has changed. State education, employment, etc., due to foreign nirbahamukhi agricultural economy has changed gradually. Has begun to change the character of the need for labor-law. Male and female migrants living in urban areas in order for their children's education has increased. Women are becoming increasingly involved in education, employment upalabdhisamgai. Increasing women's access to and control over economic resources and today's women need to be done before all things shortage of purusaasrita. On the other hand the development of transportation and the development of information technology has brought very close to the Maiti-protege. So happy life and are forced to wait for an end to the complaints of news Teej. Teej celebration of tradition and culture, as originally developed as a festival of joy to share.

Today their festival called the Feast of Hindu women and participation of women at gairahindu seems significant. Some time ago, when the issue of identity heated politics of the country, some classes, community groups and family is becoming limited holidays are now gradually share. In recent years, Evernote, chathajasta celebration of their festival of all .Nothing gairahinduharuko engagement of engagement grow naturally. Such practice is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-Nepali society respect one another, and also reflects a growing sentiment of friendship. Nepali culture and social than it is at the basis of religious shows. In doing so, due to the increasing inter-caste marriage and migration has become a mixed race society to one another and share community festival holidays are becoming established.

Fee regarding the debate and seek some star hotel Palace Party-Nepal is thicker than half of women who occupy markaumdai represent all women have (?) That comes before the question as important. Most working women entertain such a program, let alone a glimpse of such programs on television nidaisakchan looking for a jhupukkai. As noted above, even the Nepalese family economy by working to change the essence of women's labor is not much difference, though, why not change the views. Most of the urban working women of rural women not only in domestic work office all bad as sole liability are doomed to subsistence. So a couple of party-Palace Haritalika program is evidenced by observing the common working class analysis can not be generalized to women.

If the economy through open market impact is spreading from city to villages. Before the start of the peak of the development of capitalism Teej about 2 months before the festival much targeted by the new-new 'design' of the jewelry and clothes were brought into the market. The attractive layout as the drag from the junk natural beauty of a woman is said to peers and relatives appealing clothes and jewelry, including photos 'Facebook Upload Manisha' the feeling that it is difficult to control. Some newspapers called the festival's creation fragrance that is written. Our culture and our culture, we say, but the market is that we have already entered the market in the name of culture 'promotional agent "we had, that she shall spend garigari. Some of my sisters, wife, and friends who love the market and accordingly will buy more clothes, jewels begin to buy. Leisure and economic status were good in many cases is the same. How household income in general, it also resulted in mutual hostility and sow discord than the open market is. Our family market has entered the cover of religion and culture. It is a family feud that has launched, that a few days later, the bank 'Locker', simply has not made the investment of millions of unproductive silt. Fee looking at the trend of the market economy to make the defective even though it is the partner that is motivated to spend unproductive areas that promote import market.

Women's creation also viewed as sexually holiday found freedom. Fee discrimination against women that are already expressed in the time. Fee samayabaheka now have another platform, such debate. Teej is our culture, women's voices are an expression of the huge platform on the stage, but the market is huge fully occupied so not to dominate (?) Think the time has come.

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