Mastermind of the abduction

July 21, 2074- July 12, three days down on the abduction of the child, Vivek Chaudhary abductors freed the two main accused of Metropolitan Police Crime Division has arrested.

Raju BK Udayapur Gaighat mastermind of the abduction and the other accused Vishnu Pandey RAMECHHAP tapestry that police had brought to the municipality 12. It is strange that the mastermind of the abduction Raju said the boy friend of his father's childhood.

Ksetrapati pakanajolasthita Saraswati Raju boarding school crossing were abducted kamdagharisthita a house. According to the police of extorting vast sums of money intended for the abduction of a plan to work to earn money by promising to Bishnu Manthali Raju has called Kathmandu.

Only three days before the abduction Raju had rented a motorcycle online market. By Bishnu motorcycle rental bordinamai old Raju to take conscience. They lived between his conscience kadagharima Vishnu had much to her sister's apartment. Bishnu child was the son of his friend and his father a few days to put enormous pressure he will have to get sick.

It is strange that the baby is covered immediately with his friend Raju was great to meet old home. Abducted son fell unconscious anxiety in the hospital, and was spacious and the saline solution offering Raju sense that sat narphakiunjela. The next day, the boy went to a boarding school to read these Raju's negligence had loud fights. So it over the phone the next day, said Raju fifty thousand dollars to be the only child abduction, saying that had bargained. Raju kidnappers asking them for their brother-using thankairakheko Sim had visalasamga rally. Parents who lost children in the faith that first three days had reached 14 on only the Metropolitan Crime Division. The research team of the bottle out of the school gate on the basis of TV footage and a motorcycle with the kidnappers spots near cinajaniko people were taken to a conclusion. Police are seeking rajumathi rotating needle was skeptical.

It is astonishing that if the child was abducted three days, the kidnappers threw the child. Katisamma apaharanabare Metropolitan Crime Division said he himself had reached even to the complaint. The program monitors had left Kathmandu on Monday, police had said the same hike Abductors four o'clock in the morning the child was rescued kadagharibata.

The kidnappers Raju and nine grade classroom with a child's father read a friend of victory. Uniharuvica was so closely related to that, the vast financial transactions and income .from knew many things. The kidnappers of an acquaintance who najikakau and the victory over Raju could not believe the police were suspicious.

The boy's father claimed the victory on Saturday when the public will be informed of Gorkha Manakamana s family were worshiping. The kidnappers arrived in panic when the public release of the son of victory that would render the sacrifice of a goat and the vow Manakaman matasamga had reached to complete. Vijay said, 'So close friend abduction we would even dream that did not.' Victory over his father's kidnappers .from my son to love the fact that said said, "Behold, the man even pose to are able to.

'Metropolitan Crime Division SSP Dinesh conceded quick money and can easily become rich, woven motive to abduct said. He said, "if not professional kidnappers were apparently abducted sums of money to the desired objective. '

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