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सरल तरिका बाट आफ्नो ब्लग डिजाईन गर्न चाहानुहुन्छ भने यो भिडियो हेर्नुहोस

In the said volleyball competition organized by Bijaya Dasmi 2074, the organization's counselor Narendra Fagami was the presence of Chief Guest, Chief Sulharmar Kiran Shahi Special Attitudes, Sulkar Kamal Sadei. Raju Poudel, Committees of Mona Qatar, Working Committee members Tham Giri, Bhimmohar Sapkota, and others were present. The work was chaired by the working chairperson, Bahadur Chakkal. Kiran Shahi, chief executive of the organization, inaugurated the game starting from Abrar on Thursday. Every game was very competitive. Magdieley Team has continued its influence in Doha for a long time. In the first semifinals, in the first semifinals, the Qatar team took 2 sets against Palpa Rampur in the semifinal match after fixing the final tour and Q.R.C. Mona Qatar, who was facing the match, took two sets in front of Pennie, while defining the finals with Tamu. The finals of all the games played in the Titan system have also been played on the basis of the Best of Three. Q.R.C. for third place In Palpa Beach's match, Palpa reached the third with 25 points against 25 and 17 against 25 and 17 in the game of Mona Qatar and Tamu against 25, 25, against 21, 21 against 21 and 21 against the title. The competition was won by the excellent Shutter Palpa Rampur player Pal Gharti Magar and excellent player Mona Qatar Ramchandra Khadka. Mappier Kiran Jung Shahi, Ashwant Mallal Prem Sherbir Amrit Shrikpali Dashant Rama Om Om and other participant teams were also supported.

Mona Qatar's team performance was very excellent in every game that was very competitive from the semifinal. Love Shrimun, Ramchandra Khadka, Sunal Khadka, Rohit Re, Abisek Chatteri, Ram Lempane, Dashant Rath, Padam Thapa, Mimal Oli were players in the first, Deepthi and III, respectively. The team comprises the responsibility of the team's team in Bhim Pariyar. The award was 2101 / -, 1401 / - 701 / - cup medal and certificate. Speaking at the Conversion Ceremony, Akas Rassili Jai, who is also coordinator of the sports department and Team Manager, will sponsor the mona queue, who will sponsor the program throughout the competition to win this program, Mati Prasad Jagjali, Bhilibal, Net and first prize medal for the award. Vigil Bahadur Shahi, a 500-year-old, and first prize to help the pagans, pumps Amrit Shrikali, who sponsors the Cup for Vice Chancellor of the Cup Coopering Center, Minopali, Best Player, and team members, members of the organization, members of the organization, who have a special role in helping to manage the transportation management volleyball dambar thajali and end up the end of the game. Bahadur Barruwal, Tika Karki, and the present attendant, auspicious thinker Referring to the magnitude of the guests and the audience, with the victory, Magdiei had again recalled the new history and was proud of the victory that the Ricycles had blessed the player with the blessings of further success. During the meeting, senior executive Narendra Figami Jai had thanked all the participants and thanked all the participants for performing the game with extremely compromised and emotional turmoil, and the advisor of the program was by Himalayas Himalayas.

After finishing the program, the painting worker of the mona Katar Bahadur Chakkal helped bring out the talent concealed by every kind of game and also with the help of all organizations and players, there was a lot of success to fulfill the game, with complete referee, volunteer Organizer Mona Qatar sports division and attendant viewer Happy are the people's gratitude and BUUUUURP ulai program had ended.

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