Living Together filled with a pair of eyelashes: Pornography increased problem

The pair found in 'Living Together' has been found to prevent insecure pregnancy on 72-hour gram (I-Pill). They have the same desire - regular sexual intercourse can also be done, do not be unwanted.

The mill used to prevent pregnancy within 72 hours of unsecured sexual intercourse has also been misused for the last time. According to the married woman, a doctor who uses this mill is very small. Today's capital is the news daily.

Schoolgirls and college students are more

The last 72 hours of the mill (I-PIL) has been widely misused, 'Medical Director of our Sahitatri Hospital and Worthing Center herbalot and senior woman and maternal dermatologist Dr. Menu Acharya says, "The girl and college students have been found to use this mill."

Effect of Pornography

The social network of Facebook and YouTube is easily seen due to the pornography of pornography, which is also increasingly insecure in the opposite sex.

Negative effect

Dr, found that four people used to use four I-Pill milles in two days to stop reluctant and illegal pregnancy that could be taken from fast and unprotected sex. Tell Acharya " "It is very harmful to eat only four people," she says, once eating four to four times it negatively impacts.

How to use the grinder?

Experts suggest not to use this mill without consulting a health worker or physician. In doubt about insecure sex, it will be a mere regular month after consuming only one mill within 72 hours. Acharya says. "It does not let the male's spit and match of the ovum match," he said, 'Do not conceive in the lingerie, so do not worry.'

Experts that can be borne by physical abuse can be sterilized or child born after I-Pill abuse in the future.

Sterility in women

Nepal Valley Planning Association Kathmandu Valley branch manager Sharad Kumar Aryal says that the provision of temporary or permanent means of family planning without 5% of women aged 5 to 7 percent has been sterilized. According to him, the temporary means of the IP-Pilot family planning is not like a watch mill and its abuse directly impacts women's reproduction. "The capacity of an I-Pill mill is eight watch mill," he said.

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